Ilya Carrington - Treasurer


BBA Marketing; Professional Cert. Personal and Organizational Leadership

Professional Experience

I have been employed at the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) for the past 10 years and currently hold the position of Assistant Technical Officer. This function is critical to the organization as it seeks to bridge the gap between the public and the Authority where damages to vehicles, property or the person themselves are concerned.

Interests and goals

I am a graduate from the University of the Southern Caribbean with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Marketing. Additionally, I am poised to continue my educational pursuits at the Master’s level specifically in the field of Human Resources and I have also embarked on the process of being screened to become a part time lecturer at my alma mater. Additionally, I have been a member of CAWECU Cooperative Credit Union since 2019 and in the same year was elected to serve on the Board of Directors and subsequently, appointed to serve in the capacity of Assistant Treasurer at the executive level. My interests include exercise and fitness, reading as well as hiking. Moreover, my personal interests extend to politics at the national level. Ultimately, I believe that I can contribute to the future growth and development of the Credit Union by bringing to bare personal skills such as critical thinking, to the Board of Directors. At the buoyant age of twenty - nine (29), with general youth on my side, verve, vigor, experience and qualification in Marketing, I fervently believe that further contributions can be made to the existing plans to rebrand CAWECU as the premier Credit Union across the country in the capacity of a Director of the Board.